Góp ý xây dựng Tiêu chuẩn quốc tế

Hiển thị 1 - 20 trong số 22

#Số hiệuTên tiêu chuẩnBan kỹ thuật Tiêu chuẩn Quốc tếBan kỹ thuật Tiêu chuẩn quốc giaBắt đầuKết thúc
1 ISO/IEC 17067:2013Conformity assessment -- Fundamentals of product certification and guidelines for product certification schemesISO/CASCO 18115-07-201803-12-2018
2 ISO/DIS 21291Traditional Chinese medicine --Therapeutic fumigation devicesISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21010-09-201803-12-2018
3 ISO/CD 22894 Traditional Chinese medicine -- Pulse waveform formatISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21028-08-201823-10-2018
4ISO/NP 23723Traditional Chinese Medicine --General requirements for herbal raw material and materia medicaISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21018-09-201811-12-2018
5 ISO/FDIS 21370Traditional Chinese medicine -- Dendrobium officinale stemISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21016-09-201811-11-2018
6ISO/FDIS 21314Traditional Chinese medicine -- Salvia miltiorrhiza root and rhizomeISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21018-09-201813-11-2018
7ISO/FDIS 21315Traditional Chinese medicine -- Ganoderma lucidum fruiting bodyISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21018-09-201813-11-2018
8 ISO/FDIS 21316 Traditional Chinese medicine -- Isatis indigotica rootISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21016-09-201811-11-2018
9ISO/CD 22236Traditional Chinese medicine -Thread embedding acupuncture needle for single useISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21019-09-201814-11-2018
10 ISO/CD 18662-2 Traditional Chinese medicine -- Vocabulary -- Part 2: Processing of Chinese materia medicaISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21026-09-201822-11-2018
11ISO/IEC DIS 17029Conformity Assessment -- General principles and requirements for validation and verification bodiesISO/CASCO TCVN/CASCO17-09-201810-12-2018
12 ISO/DTS 17033 Ethical claims and supporting information -- Principles and requirementsISO/CASCO TCVN/CASCO05-09-201828-11-2018
13 ISO/IEC Guide 68:2002 (vers 3)Arrangements for the recognition and acceptance of conformity assessment resultsISO/CASCO TCVN/CASCO15-10-201804-03-2019
14ISO CD 14009ISO CD 14009 for comment onlyISO/TC 207/SC 1TCVN/TC 20719-09-201814-11-2018
15ISO/DIS 14007Environmental management -- Guidelines for determining environmental costs and benefitsISO/TC 207/SC 1TCVN/TC 20725-09-201818-12-2018
16ISO/CD 6727 Road vehicles -- Motorcycles -- Symbols for controls, indicators and tell-talesISO/TC 22/SC 38TCVN/TC 2226-09-201806-11-2018
17ISO/CD 9021Motorcycles -- Controls -- Types, positions and functionsISO/TC 22/SC 38TCVN/TC 2226-09-201806-11-2018
18SC38 - Res. 325-2018 Resolution via correspondence 325-2018_Splitting ISO 13063 in 3 partsISO/TC 22/SC 38TCVN/TC 2212-10-201812-11-2018
19ISO 18246:2015Electrically propelled mopeds and motorcycles -- Safety requirements for conductive connection to an external electric power supplyISO/TC 22/SC 38TCVN/TC 2215-10-201804-03-2019
20ISO/PAS 19695:2015 Motorcycles -- Functional safetyISO/TC 22/SC 38TCVN/TC 2215-10-201804-03-2019