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#Số hiệuTên tiêu chuẩnBan kỹ thuật Tiêu chuẩn Quốc tếBan kỹ thuật Tiêu chuẩn quốc giaBắt đầuKết thúc
1ISO/DTS 23406CIB - ISO/DTS 23406 Nuclear sector -- Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of Quality management systems for organizations supplying products and services important to nuclear safety (ITNS)ISO/CASCO TCVN/CASCO10-05-201902-07-2019
2 ISO/DIS 3387 (Ed 4)Rubber -- Determination of crystallization effects by hardness measurementsISO/TC 45/SC 2TCVN/TC 4510-05-201902-08-2019
3 ISO/DIS 3865 (Ed 5)Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Methods of test for staining in contact with organic materialISO/TC 45/SC 2TCVN/TC 4510-05-201902-08-2019
4ISO/IEC Guide 60:2004 (Ed 2, vers 3)Conformity assessment -- Code of good practiceISO/CASCO TCVN/CASCO15-04-201902-09-2019
5ISO/IEC 17040:2005 (vers 3)Conformity assessment -- General requirements for peer assessment of conformity assessment bodies and accreditation bodiesISO/CASCO TCVN/CASCO15-04-201902-09-2019
6 ISO 16311-1:2014 Maintenance and repair of concrete structures -- Part 1: General principlesISO/TC 71/SC 7TCVN/TC 7115-04-201902-09-2019
7 ISO 16311-2:2014Maintenance and repair of concrete structures -- Part 2: Assessment of existing concrete structuresISO/TC 71/SC 7TCVN/TC 7115-04-201902-09-2019
8 ISO 16311-3:2014Maintenance and repair of concrete structures -- Part 3: Design of repairs and preventionISO/TC 71/SC 7TCVN/TC 7115-04-201902-09-2019
9 ISO 16311-4:2014Maintenance and repair of concrete structures -- Part 4: Execution of repairs and preventionISO/TC 71/SC 7TCVN/TC 7115-04-201902-09-2019
10 ISO 17217-1:2014Traditional Chinese medicine -- Ginseng seeds and seedlings -- Part 1: Panax ginseng C.A. MeyerISO/TC 249TCVN/TC 21015-04-201902-09-2019
11 ISO/DIS 20927 Rubber compounding ingredients -- Precipitated silica -- Determination of aggregate size distribution by disc centrifugeISO/TC 45/SC 3TCVN/TC 4511-03-201903-06-2019
12 ISO/CD 248-1 Rubber, raw -- Determination of volatile-matter content -- Part 1: Hot-mill method and oven methodISO/TC 45/SC 3TCVN/TC 4510-04-201905-06-2019
13 ISO/CD 4658Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR) -- Evaluation procedureISO/TC 45/SC 3TCVN/TC 4510-05-201905-07-2019
14 ISO/IEC NP 17030 (Ed 2) Conformity assessment -- General requirements for third-party marks of conformityISO/CASCO TCVN/CASCO12-04-201905-07-2019
15ISO/DIS 7725 (Ed 2) Rubber and rubber products -- Determination of chlorine and bromine contentISO/TC 45/SC 2TCVN/TC 4513-05-201905-08-2019
16 ISO/DIS 14016 Environmental management -- Guidelines on assurance of environmental reportsISO/TC 207/SC 2TCVN/TC 20715-03-201907-06-2019
17 ISO/CD 14009Environmental management system: Guidelines for incorporating redesign of products and components to improve material circulationISO/TC 207/SC 1TCVN/TC 20712-04-201907-06-2019
18 ISO/CD 23508 Solution-polymerized SBR -- Evaluation methods of viscoelastic propertiesISO/TC 45/SC 3TCVN/TC 4516-04-201911-06-2019
19ISO/FDIS 14309 (Ed 2)Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Determination of volume and/or surface resistivityISO/TC 45/SC 2TCVN/TC 4517-04-201912-06-2019
20ISO/DIS 17278 (Ed 2)Rubber, raw natural -- Determination of the gel content of technically specified rubber (TSR)ISO/TC 45/SC 3TCVN/TC 4519-04-201912-07-2019